Treasury lab 9: Scaling up receivables forecasting with artificial intelligence at Danone North America

Session date: 15/06/21
Session time: 14:00

Session description

Struggling with spreadsheet-driven forecasting, managing multiple entities and banks, Danone North America chose to only forecast receivables every six months. Moreover, with the existing process failing to capture deductions and customer payment behaviour, they had to rely on assumptions.

Already utilising HighRadius’ Artificial Intelligence for accounts receivable, Danone North America extended its use for forecasting cash. Using AI, it was able to forecast receivables daily with invoice-level granularity, and factor in early payments, deductions and customer behaviour into the models.

Join Jacob Whetstone, Director – Invoice to Cash, Danone NA and Juan Saudino, VP – Professional Services at HighRadius to learn how Danone NA has set out to perfect its receivables forecasting process where it can now predict with 96% accuracy across business entities.