Treasury lab 6: Finding treasury enlightenment in tapped and un-tapped data

Session date: 15/06/21
Session time: 13:00

Session description

The corporate finance function is complex, interconnected and changing fast. In this environment, the treasurer has been given the lead role in ensuring the financial stamina of their organisation. However, such an enormous responsibility cannot be executed in isolation or in the dark. Today’s treasury and financial professionals are turning their attention to the financial evidence and intelligence that can be derived from their everyday operational data. To derive this depth and breadth of financial intelligence, there is a movement towards cross-functional collaboration within finance. Unfortunately, implementing such an infrastructure can be easier said than done. Fragmented work streams, processes and technology are often the last barriers to intelligent and proactive financial management.

In this session we will discuss what opportunities lie ahead for treasury teams and how creating a connected and collaborative function can unlock ultimate financial value to their businesses:

  • treasury and finance trends: collaboration, visibility, speed
  • insights from the ordinary – what can your operational data tell you?
  • what is the treasury Data Maturity Curve and where do you fall on the spectrum?
  • achieving an intelligent connected treasury – People, Processes, Technology