Treasury lab 13: Cultural and policy considerations in a post COVID treasury

Session date: 16/06/21
Session time: 12:00

Session description

COVID has accelerated the idea of a ‘real time’ treasury. Enhanced visibility, coupled with dynamic machine learning, has the capacity to significantly improve the quality of a host of treasury operations which impacts the policies in place which govern them. Improved execution of core tasks has the potential, not only to promote efficiency and robustness of process, but also to develop and influence cultural ways of working which contribute towards many of the group’s strategic goals and aspirations.

We discuss how technology has enabled a corporate treasury to review its policies to play a meaningful role in delivering:

  • enhanced colleague and customer experience
  • focussed and tangible progress against the groups’ sustainability objectives
  • better funding and investment decisions

We discuss the cultural changes required and how is it best to achieve these together with how banks and Fintechs approach these common challenges