Stage 6: Evolving towards a real-time treasury operation: considerations for treasurers

Session date: 15/06/21
Session time: 16:00

Session description

A forward-looking session exploring the trend in moving to real-time payments and treasury, covering:

  • increasing uptake of FPS, Sepa Instant and others around the world to enhance end user experience, driven by massive change in real-time commerce
  • the need to understand and manage liquidity in real-time, including tools to support such as AI and challenges of cashflow forecasting
  • the role of rising technologies such as Open Banking and APIs delivering faster and richer data, virtual accounts and changes to interbank clearing systems adopting ISO XML to improve data richness and improve working capital
  • the ACT and Barclays welcome two treasurers to speak to the drivers of real-time requirements – responding to client and market, and internal commercial rationale