Stage 2: Managing supply chain and working capital in a post-COVID post-Brexit environment

Session date: 14/06/21
Session time: 12:00

Session description

This session explores the impact of COVID and Brexit on supply chain management together with what positive lessons have been learned on how best to manage working capital through an ever changing landscape. We explore the lasting legacies of the past 18 months, which have presented corporates with extreme levels of uncertainty, from the perspectives of:

  • treasury culture – discussing the premise that treasurers know their businesses, trading partners and colleagues, better now than ever before. COVID and Brexit have been catalysts for deeper engagement with so many more internal stakeholders. What are the keys to successfully balancing these different needs?
  • management of working capital – how has the strategy changed and should treasurers consider funding strategies which have previously been dismissed?
  • adoption of technology – consideration and adoption of technology has been embraced and will continue to evolve. Technology supports growing customisation of solutions. How are treasurers benefitting from new technology solutions?

We will also be discussing the merits of diversifying supply chain and look to Asia who have learned to live and work in a ‘post COVID’ environment.