Stage 1: Megatrends: the future of treasury

Session date: 14/06/21
Session time: 10:30

Session description

Stephen Blackman, NatWest’s principal economist, will provide a perspective on the current megatrends and their potential impact on the future of treasury. This session will touch on the four areas where disruption will accelerate changes to how we live and work, creating opportunities and propelling us like a time machine towards the future. Donal Quaid, NatWest Group Treasurer, will then share his thoughts and insights into the rise of digitisation and centralisation, and how they will redefine treasury operations, before handing over to Marion King, Director of Payments at NatWest and Payments Futures Chair for UK Finance who will outline a ten-year vision for payments, a ‘living strategy’ with the intention of driving industry debate and collaboration to determine the art of the possible.