Making sense of payments

Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of Cash Management, Ole Matthiessen, gives a 10 minute talk on recent payments trends affecting the treasury community.

The disintermediation of banks from the payments space is so far advanced that some bankers in financial crime prevention believe regulators and law enforcement have lost control – ultimate transaction visibility has been lost. For treasurers too, the proliferation of payments platforms, many popular in specific countries or customer groups, brings new complications. How easy are they to integrate into existing systems? What controls, security, regulatory and other concerns apply to platforms that do not apply to traditional banking partners? And who else in the business should treasury be working with to ensure that they make the right choices? It is important to discuss how treasuries can balance facilitating monetization against the risks of using unfamiliar infrastructure when the business needs to accelerate the digitisation programme, and we hope this talk inspires follow-up discussions during the ACT Annual Conference and  International Treasury Week.